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My love is to provide your children with a safe, healthy, and home environment that fosters growth. I have been providing home daycare for my parents for over 20 years.

Established in 1992, Diane's Day Care offers a unique childcare alternative for parents throughout San Jose and the surrounding area. Owner and provider Diane Dias’ philosophy of co-parenting reflects a deep commitment to working with you. She truly cares about understanding and accommodating the unique characteristics your child develops during this period of exciting physical and behavioral development. Supporting Diane’s philosophy is a safe and healthy home-based environment that naturally fosters growth. If you’ve explored other daycare options but haven’t felt entirely confident, please consider Diane's Day Care an alternative tailored to your wonderful child.

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Please contact Diane's Day Care for scheduling, or with any questions or concerns. You’re invited to continue browsing this website to learn more about Diane's Day Care and the services offered. You can also read the reviews featured here to learn about the experiences of parents just like you.

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Supporting Healthy Development